We know how people work. We’re building intuitive solutions that activate decisions and behavior and re-define what it means to be productive.

Origin story

Under Knotel's mission to become the world's leading flexible office platform, Geometry began as an initiative to find sustainable architectural objects that could withstand a change of hands over multiple years. After observing a gap in the market in architectural objects and workplace furniture and understanding the capital expense required to furnish space at scale, the team set out to create a productive furniture service that matches the flexibility that companies today are seeking.

Our Philosophy


Using learnings from the 3.5m square feet in Knotel portfolio, we understand how people use space. We know that different environments enable different modes of work and with the right combination of work settings ranging on a spectrum from individual, collaborative, and social, a floor plan tailored to your company’s unique needs can transform the way your team works.


Furniture can’t define your culture, and your space should tell your story. Each piece in the Geometry line incorporates a specific point of customization - whether that’s the finish of your desk tops or the color of your phone booth, your company’s brand and cultural narrative is sure to shine through. 


Because your needs might not look the same on Day 1 as Day 278, Geometry is built to be as agile as your business is by leveraging modularity and workplace planning.

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